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Are e-bike sales losing steam? (And Reason No. 642 why I love my cargo bike)

Is the e-bike revolution losing power because of the economy's sluggish recovery?

Yes, according to a story in The Los Angeles Times, which highlights a few struggling electric bicycle shops in southern California.

Two years after gas toyed with $5 a gallon, interest seems to be waning, according to the piece:


Even Vermont has a Revolution Cargo!

Special Delivery!: Sustainable Urban Transportation for Sustainable Food

Onya Cycles: Renowned Inventor Develops A Tricycle To Fill In For Your Car

Do you really need a car to make a quick trip to the store? 

Onya Cycles


Metro Ped - Harvard Bookstore now delivering !

Posted 10/21/2010
More news hot off the press..(do people still say that?)
B-Line in the news
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Let Fed Ex tell you why Cargo Bikes are so Important to your Urban Metropolis!
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Here I am delivering Live Cargo in Riverside Park!
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